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I don’t even know if anyone will see this, but this is the co owner. I’m starting to use Tumblr again, so maybe I’ll post on this blog more.. Or maybe not? Idk lol. I’ve actually deleted all my Disney pics from my laptop, so I probably won’t have anything to post anyways.. Okay bye.

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"glamour girl Kayla Morgan"

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Rare Picture of Demi and Selena filming PPP

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Hype-o-meter is off the charts.

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and all the stars have grown up, went their separate ways and did new things. We watched them, laughed at them, and grew up with them. Now, years have past and all we can do is remember our childhood.

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Are you guys ready for the Series Finale of Shake it Up?

Inbox us your favorite Shake it Up moments :)

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First Look: “Jessie” & “Good Luck Charlie” Crossover For Some Holiday Fun + Holiday Episode Guide

The Duncans are heading to New York! At least PJ and Teddy are for some holiday crossover fun.


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Ooooooh looks good guys :)

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